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PLC & HMI Software


We can supply PLC or PAC (Programmable Logic Controller or Programmable Automation Controller) Software either as part of a complete Control System / Control Panel or on a Software-only basis.

We can also modify existing PLC (or PAC) software, to upgrade an existing system with new functions, for example.

PLC Software

We are conversant with several programming languages, and although we specialize in Siemens and Schneider-Electric (formerly Merlin Gerin / Telemecanique / Modicon / Square-D) systems, we are able to work with whatever system manufacturer you require.

All of our new systems are compliant with IEC 61131-3.
We will of course, comply with any site software design specifications you may have in place.



We can supply new HMI (Human Machine Interface) software, or modify existing units you already have installed. This includes any PLC software required to "drive" the HMI.

HMI Software

Again, we specialize in Siemens and Schneider-Electric units, but we are happy to work on any other manufacturer's systems.

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