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Control Systems Design, Supply & Commissioning

We can provide Control Systems Design, Manufacture & Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training for staff. We will then provide follow-up Support afterwards, which can be extended on an on-going basis if required to provide support for your maintenance staff.

Because our complete solutions are from concept through to finish, we can tailor any Control Systems exactly to your requirements, and ensure a fully managed hassle-free project for you.

Of course, you may only require certain elements and not a complete solution. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you, and provide services to suit.

We can also provide an Upgrade service, to bring any current Control Systems up to the latest specifications. Again, we can provide a complete solution, or just the elements you require.

Systems Design

Our Control Panels are designed and manufactured to BS EN 60204-1.
Our new PLC systems are compliant with IEC 61131-3.
We will of course, comply with any site design specifications you may have in place.

Whatever you require, please Contact Us. We are happy to help.